EcoClean CUBE Solar Powered Compacting Bins

Solar-powered – smart recycling/trash compacting bin

CleanCUBE is a solar-powered trash compactor which can hold up to 5 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%. It is compatible with standard 32G and 64G wheeled carts for easy and safe trash removal, and it also communicates information it collects in real time through wireless transmission to Clean  City Networks, our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform. CleanCUBE can be equipped with various optional features such as LED backlight, LCD panel, custom graphic wraps, and WiFi router.

3 sizes to fit your needs

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The Clean Cube was chosen as the “Coolest New Product” for Waste Expo 2016 – See the short video Coolest New Product

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It’s a trash or recycling bin but it’s very smart!

Dramatically reduce waste collection costs by up to 80%
with our smart, IoT-based solution. Instead of dealing with several trash cans, one unit can…

What makes ours the best?  Not only are they using the latest technology, the day-to-day savings makes the Clean CUBE stand out. Others use special liner bags that are very expensive and an ongoing operations cost. The Clean CUBES use a standard wheeled bin that doesn’t require expensive liner bags and also since the can be emptied using a standard cart tipper, there are less injuries and safety concerns by staff having to deal with heavy bags and the potential of being poked by needles and other items that can cause serious injury.

1. Compact waste or recycling

Automatically compacts trash or recycling so that it can hold-up-to 5 times that of standard trash bins.

2. Optimize routes

Monitor real-time bin fill-level, bin status, and analytics that optimize schedules and routes.

Waste collection cost reductions.

3. Collect the trash

Plan ahead the collection routes to increase waste collection efficiency with Clean City Network (CCN)

Product Features

Clean CUBE - Trash Compaction


Features a built-in, patented solar-powered trash compactor which triggers automatically based on the bin’s fill-level. It’s compatible with standard 32G (120L) & 64G (240L) wheeled carts for easy and safe trash removal. Compaction ratio is 5 to 1.

Clean CUBE - Telecommunication


Communicates information it collects in real-time through wireless transmission to Ecube Labs’ smart waste management platform, CCN. 2G and 3G telecommunication modules are available through WCDMA and GSM networks.

Clean CUBE - Real-time data and analysis

Real-time data and analysis

The compaction and fill-level information are sent to our smart data analytics platform, CCN, which not only helps the operation managers to understand the location and times of waste collections but also improves the way they collect the trash by recommending the optimal collection routes.

Customizable design & Advertisements

The entire bin may be wrapped and printed for marketing purposes such as promoting new initiatives and encouraging recycling. What’s more, there is an extra space on the side to either advertise or rent out. This feature is useful especially in high volume areas, where you can use our smart bins to generate additional revenue streams.



LED panel / LCD / Ad Panels / Backlit panels / Custom Wrap / Wifi / MP3 Player


Sizes - 26G 100L / 32G 120L / 64G 240L

Power Supply

Power Supply - Solar / AC / Hybrid


Mounting bracket / Hopper Handle / Foot Pedal / Ashtray / Remote Auto Lock / Camera


We take safety very seriously. We make sure that every precaution is taken to meet and surpass industry safety standards. In addition, our engineers are constantly working hard to implement ongoing improvements, as suggested by our valued customers. Here are some of the safety features of our smart solar-powered trash compactor bin:

The Clean CUBE has passed the safety regulations by both CSA and CE as required in North America and Europe.

Hand detection safety sensor

Safety Sensors

The built-in safety sensors detects motion and stops waste compaction when it detects a safety condition.

Fire detection temperature sensor

Fire detection

The bin’s temperature sensor triggers an automatic compacting response to extinguish fire & also sends a notification to your staff.

Secure locking mechanism

Locking mechanism

All exterior access points are fitted with unique screws that protect against theft and damage.

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