BINPAK® is a completely sealed, self-contained compactor!

Once loaded, the waste is sealed in our charge chamber and compacted into the unit. The BINPAK® is completely sealed – keeping odors contained, pests out and preventing unauthorized dumping!

BINPAK® compacts more!

Cost savings!  Our compactor has the highest compaction ratio available, more than double any other equipment on the market.  The BINPAK® takes longer to fill before it needs to be emptied, that means reduced pick-up frequencies will save you money!

Fewer collection disruptions!

Reduced pick-up frequencies to empty your BINPAK® means reduced collection truck traffic at your premises so fewer interruptions. Fewer pick-ups equals reduced costs.

Works with any front-load truck!

The BINPAK® can be emptied by regular front-load collection service trucks, an example of a practical, cost-saving design that is the hallmark of our product – no need to change haulers.

BINPAK® is simple to install and easy to relocate

Installation is just a simple case of hooking up the BINPAK® to a single phase 220 volt power source – no special foundations, no vertical compactor frame to bolt down, no holes to dig or concrete pads to pour.

BINPAK® is easier and safer to load!

Loading bags into the BINPAK® couldn’t be easier or safer; you simply open the load door which is just 26 inches off the ground, putting it below waist height for the average adult, so bags do not have to be lifted above the head to be loaded into the bin. This simple innovation reduces potential employee injuries and associated downtime costs.

Great for the environment!

The BINPAK® helps reduce the carbon emissions related to emptying waste and recycling containers by providing an extremely high compaction ratio. We can reduce the transportation of your waste and recycling streams by about 50%.

Keep Pests Out!

Not only does the BINPAK® keep odors in – it also keeps pests out.  Conventional front load bins are open to the elements, which also means they are an open invitation to insects, birds, rodents and unauthorized dumping. Wildlife and animals are not attracted to a sealed unit.  The BINPAK® has a heavy latched lid and both the lid and load door have a unique seal, preventing pests from entering the bin and making it their home.


The BINPAK® can save you money in almost every aspect of environmental services management – use it for waste, recycling or cardboard. BINPAK® will simplify all your waste and recycling requirements.