Clean City Networks, or CCN, is the leading waste management platform and the glue that binds all our solutions together. CCN provides the monitoring environment, smart dashboard, analytics, and control center in one comprehensive and simple package. Web-based and cloud-hosted, CCN is available anywhere you have a modern browser and an internet connection. It gives you total control and insight into your waste management operations and has proven cost-reduction benefits in all sectors of your operation. Works with both our Clean CUBES and Clean FLEX fill level sensors.

Monitor your entire waste management operation

Using CCN, you can keep a track of all your bins, monitor fill levels and fill level history, optimize collection routes, check battery levels, geographical locations, collection history, overflow status, response times, fire events, and more.

Universally accessible

CCN is a cloud-based service and can be accessed from any device with an internet browser. Optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, CCN is accessible anywhere anytime. No special software is required, no downloads or installations, simply log in and you’re up and running.

Actionable insight

Collection performance and efficiency, overflow frequency, waste generation, sub-optimal collections, and more comprehensive reports are available to help you understand your operations and pinpoint areas that can be improved.

Predictive analysis

As data is collected, our machine learning algorithm will intelligently learn from your waste generation patterns to allow you to see your status up to 24 hours into the future. This allows you to optimize your collection routes and generate more efficient routes as opposed to using real-time data.

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