TuffBoxx Animal Resistant Storage Solutions is a line of steel storage containers that are designed to keep bears and other wildlife out of your garbage, or whatever else that you need to keep securely stored. They were created by a design team that has over 30 years experience manufacturing animal resistant products and other metal enclosures for military command posts, field hospitals, search and rescue teams, and NASA. The breakthrough design ensures that whatever you put in a TuffBoxx, stays in the TuffBoxx.

And, because of the rugged, rust resistant, galvanized steel construction, bears don’t stand a chance. For general storage, or garbage containment, this product will exceed expectations.

All models can be fitted with the Clean CAP Wireless Ultrasonic Fill-level sensor to save on operational costs. Clean Caps will let you know the fill levels and when the bins need to be emptied.

There are a number of options, sizes and styles so let us help you choose the right TuffBoxx for you.