Achieving Waste Diversion Goals

We help our customers achieve their waste diversion goals and build programs that work right from the start.

Committed to True Zero Waste

High Participation     |     High Capture     |     Low Contamination

Great Products for Effective Programs

Ongoing program success starts with careful planning and the right products. EcoVision’s experience and expertise can help.

The 3 Goals

We help customers achieve their waste diversion goals by helping build programs that work right from the start and offer the best tools to achieve three main goals – High Participation Rates, High Capture Rates and Low Contamination Rates.

True Zero Waste

We’re committed to the vision of True Zero Waste. That means recycling and composting over 90% of the waste stream and landfilling or burning less than 10%. This saves our resources, improves our environment including our soils and also has the benefit of more good paying jobs.

Keeping Current

Our primary vision of to help our customers have great waste diversion programs including food waste as well as commerical and public space recycling. We work closely with The US Compost Council, The Canadian Compost Council, The National Recycling Coalition and numerous state and local authorities to share the best practices and latest information for the benefit of our customers.

EcoVision Environmental helps cities and businesses in North America reach their waste diversion goals. What makes us unique is offering not only key products to help realize your program, but also expertly-designed programs informed by many years of industry experience. The most successful ongoing programs are those that address all the links that make up the waste stream with the goal of True Zero Waste. We believe waste reduction including composting and recycling programs must be easy to be successful and strive to have high capture rates with low contamination. Check out our product category that includes many solutions for both recycling and composting programs. We are here to help make your program a resounding success. We even recently developed a Tailgate Party Recycling Kit program for stadia and other venues who host tailgate parties that has been very successful.

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Example product components:

  • products using the latest technology for the most efficient programs available
  • excellent quality bins with the highest recycled content on the market
  • certified compostable bags
  • educational material
Example program elements:

  • Best Practices development; case-by-case and region-specific
  • Referral, liaising and strategic alliances with like-minded vendors and suppliers
  • Program roll-out including public education and bin distribution
  • Hauler considerations and referrals
  • Processing options and processor recommendations

Food is a fifth of all waste generated

The only way to achieve Zero Waste is to compost the compostable organics. A well-planned & executed Source Separated Organics (SSO) program provides a clean stream of source material, meaning less contamination and resulting in high quality compost. High quality compost is the ultimate goal as it means healthier soil. By far, food makes up the largest percentage of waste going into municipal landfills (or combusted for energy recovery).

data from recent Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Report
  • Food 21% 21%
  • Plastics 17% 17%
  • Paper & paperboard 16% 16%
  • Yard trimmings 9% 9%
  • Wood 8% 8%
  • Textiles 7% 7%
  • Glass 4% 4%
  • Rubber & leather 4% 4%
  • Other 4% 4%
As the US EPA’s food waste hierarchy shows, landfilling and/or incinerating is the least desirable outcome.

Forward-thinking Partnerships

We’ve partnered with some of the best and most innovative environmental manufacturers. We supply the best waste and recycling bins, industrial composters, compostable bags and other environmental products that we believe set us apart from all other ordinary suppliers. Please check out our products tab and view what we have to offer. But keep in mind we want to be more than just a supplier — we want to be your partner in achieving your waste diversion goals.

Recycling Bins for Public Spaces and Events

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