Kitchen Caddy

2 U.S. gallon (7.4 litre) food waste bin


The EcoVision Kitchen Caddy is one of our most popular bins for food waste collection developed primarily for residential programs. We have several sizes available but the most popular size is our 2 gallon/7.4 litre version. The Kitchen Caddy is perfectly designed with featured such as a locking lid, clips to hold compostable bags in place and the highest recycled content in the industry with our standard colors. Optional lid versions include solid or vented lids meaning the customer gets what the customer wants. Also the Kitchen Caddy in our standard colors have the highest percentage of recycled plastic of any of our competitors. We also have minimal packaging giving it the lowest carbon footprint on the market for similar bins and ship 650 per pallet so very little packaging compared to others. Customize the Kitchen Caddy with a sticker or hot stamp on the lid and/or the front for greater success with your program.

This product is only available in bulk purchases – minimum order is usually one pallet however exceptions are considered so please ask us. Please contact us for the best available pricing. Volume discounts are available. Standard bins include a black handle with 100% recycled content.

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