National Park Stations

fully customizable public recycling systems

Whether for beautification or advertising, customizable National Park Stations are made-to-order to suit YOUR specifications and application.

Simply choose your hood style, panel materials, custom print options and suitable apertures for beautiful, flexible and robust one-of-a-kind indoor or outdoor recycling stations.

The National Park Stations range of public recycling stations has been specifically designed to provide you with flexibility while maintaining best practice waste diversion design features and high quality manufacturing.

Rather than industrial designers and manufacturers finalizing the design, instead YOU CHOOSE.

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Choose the frame, construction material, aperture, cover and side panels, from a vast range of designs and materials including timber, stone, steel, laser cut steel, our custom designed educational graphics, advertising material or even a full colour photo. Perhaps choose local images, such as historic photos of the areas in which the bins will be placed. Graphic flexibility offers revenue potential advertising space within your venue or public place.

The stations are available in both two and three streams at both a 140 and 240 litre capacity. The streams can be tailored to the waste needs of your specific location.

The range features best practice waste diversion design features, aimed to achieve effective source separation while minimizing stream contamination. Features include fit-for-purpose apertures and simple to understand graphics. The bolted system houses standard 140 or 240 Litre MGBs, which can be banked together to form a complete recycling centre. Units are easily accessible and lockable making emptying, management and cleaning of the units efficient. The range can be finished with an anti-graffiti coating.