Clean Cap Ultrasonic Fill Level Sensors

Can be used on many industry-standard bins for public spaces including many bins supplied by EcoVision Environmental


Clean CAP, Smart Waste Bin Fill Level Sensor

Do more with less, smarter, greener, and more efficiently than ever

Reduce waste collection costs by up to 50% with our smart waste bin sensor and IoT-based monitoring solution. It only requires three steps:

1. Sensor fill-level

Clean CAP smart waste bin sensor is compatible with any type of container installation to monitor any type of subtance or waste in real-time.

2. Optimize routes

CCN’s route optimization and predictive analytics provide insightful historical data to generate the best routes and estimate the time of containers becoming full.

3. Collect the garbage or recyclables

With CCN, you can plan ahead how collections are implemented, targeting only the locations of full trash bins.

Product Features

Fill-level sensing

Available in two battery-operated versions, the Clean CAP smart waste bin sensor can be attached to any type of container to monitor the fill-level. Its ultrasonic fill-level sensor enables it to detect any type of waste. They come with fire detection so in the case of a fire inside the bin it sends a message to let you know. Also, they have tilt sensors so if a bin is knocked over or the lid is left open for too long you can get a notification of that as well.


Clean CAP smart waste bin sensor transmits data it collects in real-time through wireless networks to Ecube Labs’ smart waste management platform, CCN. 2G and 3G telecommunication modules are available through WCDMA and GSM networks.

Real-time data and analysis

The fill-level information sent to our smart waste collection optimization platform, CCN, not only helps the operation managers to understand the location and times of waste collections, but also improves the way they collect the trash by recommending the optimal collection routes.

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What our customers say

Before, we didn’t know when the trash bins in Bukchon became full. Now, we know in real-time the fill-level of each bin thanks to Ecube Labs’ solution. Since we’re able to quickly take action before any problem occurs, there are no longer any issues with garbage overflow.

Welfare & Environmental Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government

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Ideal Locations

The Clean CAP’s value lies in detecting the fill-level of any type of substance or waste. It is designed especially for areas where trash containers are located far apart and usually in remote locations, such as industrial complexes, commercial businesses, textile warehouses and communal areas.

Other suitable application areas include underground dumpsters, oil tanks, septic tanks and water towers. These areas are ideal because it’s generally diffcult to gain access to determine the fill-level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of container bins are compatible with Clean CAP?

Clean CAP smart waste bin sensor can be mounted on any type of materials. If the container is made of plastic, the Clean CAP can be mounted by screwing. For steel containers, it can be fixed to the container’s lid using brackets.

How long does the battery last?

Under normal conditions, you can expect the battery to last 10+ years. Like with any battery, it can vary depending on the usage including software configuration, temperature, wireless signal, or frequncy of data transmission.

What types of substances can it detect?

It can detect both solids (general waste, paper, glass, e-waste, textile, etc.) and liquids (oil, sludge, agriculture products, etc.)

Does it work in extreme environments?

Clean CAP smart waste bin sensor has been tested to push the limit of its operability in conjuction with the life of the battery. The temperature range can vary from -30 C (-22 F) to 80 C (176 F).