Food Waste Digesters

Aerobic Digester Range

Our digesters are the first continuous feed digesters that does not use any fresh water and has no gray water discharge to the trade waste sewers.

Food waste collected in compostable (PLA) bags are thrown whole into the system, leaving clean totes ready for the next shift. The Harp system will also process compostable dinnerware and cutlery from Vegware and other PLA suppliers with the food waste. Most importantly, the (pathogen free) biomass output is stable and will not rot or smell if rehydrated and can be land applied as an organic fertilizer.

Harp manufactures six different onsite machines that will process 200 pounds to six tons per day. Harps unique enzymes never need replacement, and if the system is unused for two days or two months, the system comes to life again when food waste is inserted.