UpIn10 Heavy Duty Collapsible Bin

Our new, UpIn10 Bin can be set up in 10 seconds or less!

See the quick video below.

It’s made with heavy duty steel that will last for years compared to the many other options out there that will blow away or gets easily damaged and look awful in a short time. The UpIn10 bins collapses when not in use for easy storage that takes up very little space.

The bins have 4 walls and a bottom all permanently joined together to keep everything in place. The lids can have various shaped apertures depending on your waste stream. Custom labels can be added or there are other ways to keep your messaging effective.

When set up, they can be lined with liner bags (standard size is 40×48 bags) for any waste stream you want and each bin can be labeled for maximum, participation and capture rates and keeps the contamination rates very low.

Bins can be ordered in a variety of colors and sizes depending on order quantities.

We have a optional rack for storing the UpIn10 Bins when they are not in use.

When collapsed, the UPIN10 bin dimensions are only 1″ x 34″ x 39″ so they take up very little space which is a big concern for many customers making this an ideal solution for great looking, strong and effective bins but also solving the storage space issue.

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